The Rides of Summer

Summer vacation starts today with a morning bike ride on the Raccoon River Valley Trail.

A Fair Weather Tunnel

Waukee has a new tunnel along the Heart of the Warrior trail providing a safer crossing of Alice's Road.  Heads up though.  It's safer but weather permitting.  


Like the trail tunnels of West Des Moines, this one will prove to be problematic when it rains filling entry points with water and/or when snow has melted and then refroze. 

Approaching from the West I dismounted and very slowly shuffled my way across the ice.  Inside the tunnel was dry and the walls graffitied.  The Eastern side was patchy with snow, ice, and big puddles thanks to the water coming down the wall from overhead. 


It will be great to have this tunnel on dry days, but I'm bummed about it being suited for fair weather.