Trout Run Trail - Take Two

The Trail

The 11 mile asphalt Trout Run Trail circles the city of Decorah and provides cyclists with a variety of terrain and scenery.  Multiple locations for starting your ride are found around the perimeter of this asphalt trail.  Phelps Park, downtown Decorah, and the Decorah Fish Hatchery are all great stops along the trail.

Trail Map

Trail Information

The Ride

Despite having ridden this trail only a few weeks prior (read about my excursion to Decorah here) I was looking forward to another lap.  Beginning the ride at the Country Inn of Decorah the plan was the cruise the trail with a stop downtown for lunch.  Remembering the challenge of the switchbacks and hills on the southwest segment I opted to save that portion for last.  

Entering downtown I observed some creative bike parking and wondered if the owner chose this location since they didn’t own a bike lock.  Guess who else didn’t have a bike lock?  I had forgotten to pack mine.  While eating lunch at T-Bocks I was worried it would be stolen.  Thankfully the Iron Giant was patiently waiting for me when I returned.  

Back on the trail wildflowers were in full bloom at Trout Run Park.  Bridges crossing the stream were now homes to families of cliff swallows.  Their nests firmly affixed to the concrete beams.  The pictures I quickly snapped with my phone certainly didn’t do these scenes justice.

While taking a break at the Decorah Fish Hatchery, the shade and cool temperatures from the waterfall were a welcomed treat on a warm and sunny day.  The hills still proved challenging and once again I walked my bike up some of the steeper grades. Coasting the fast downhill ride just south of Highway 9 was a fun way to end another great bike ride.

Decorah is one of my favorite spots in Iowa.  With it’s great food, brewery, coffee house, trout streams and bike trails I suspect I’ll be returning again.  Hopefully very soon!

Happy Riding!