Minburn - What's New

My favorite stretch of the Raccoon River Valley Trail is from Dallas Center to Minburn. It’s quiet, still pretty (aka not littered with urban construction projects) and I can typically count on hearing pheasant, quail, and other birdsong. Plus it’s nice and flat. Perfect for an easy pedal.

Minburn is a tiny town and takes only a minute or two to mosey through. Despite it’s size the community has done a lot of work to add interesting elements along the bike trail. Residents are doing a great job of being “A Small Town with a Big Heart”.

On a recent ride I took a few pictures of the latest additions:

Soon to be Dallas County’s Freedom Rock is this ginormous stone. Practically every county in Iowa has an 60+ ton boulder painted yearly by the artist Ray “Bubba” Sorensen as a way to say thank you to veterans for their service. Minburn’s American Legion is overseeing the project.


Bike breaks along the trail can now be an educational opportunity thanks to the new signs. How cool is it that you can pedal on a bit of Iowa history?


Does anyone even roller skate anymore? It was one of my favorite things to do as a kid. It was even more popular back in the ‘50’s. This metal skate pays tribute to the town’s love of skating and the musical “Singing Wheels” the community performed on wheels.


I think it’s pretty special how this tiny community has put big effort into supporting the bike trail by providing interesting things to learn and admire while passing through.

Happy Riding!