HOINT - What the Heck?

Donned some plaid and loaded up the bikes. I had a ride buddy! That rarely happens. What the heck?

Discovered the portion of the Heart of Iowa Nature Trail in Huxley between Highway 69 and 560th Avenue is now paved. What the heck!?


Stopped to check out the river view east of Cambridge. Bridge crossing was dotted with horse apples. What the heck!!


After riding for a half mile trying to determine where a certain grinding noise was coming from I realized the stupid kickstand* was rubbing against the back tire. What..in..the..heck!!

Rode a bit further east and trail conditions were becoming dicey. What the heck!??! Decided to turn around which ended up being a good thing. These bikes need cushier seats…and one a better kickstand.


*Feel free to roll your eyes at the concept of kickstands on mountain bikes. Cuz, what the heck, I’m totally cool with being a “Doris”.


Happy Riding!