Winter Riding Wimp

Rides have few and far between this winter.  A lack of snowfall has kept trails clean so my only excuse for ignoring my bike has been cold temperatures.  I've turned into a winter riding wimp!    

Maybe it was the sunshine and lack of wind.  It could it have been seeing cars parked at the trailhead.  Perhaps it was guilt for the lack of riding.  Regardless, I found myself bundled up and riding towards Dallas Center.

Noteworthy observations were a recently installed bench, a bald eagle resting in a tree, and additional stickers on the John Cisar memorial.  The most significant thing was me having ditched my library book, cozy blanket, and cup of tea for a cold winter ride.

Halfway to Dallas Center I turned the bike around.  Because it seems winter riding wimps are easily swayed by thoughts of books, blankets, and teacups. 

Happy Riding!