Morning Ramble on a Route Unpaved

On a recent trip to Decorah I branched out my riding repertoire with a morning bike ride on a road unpaved.  

Pre-ride preparations involved coffee outside with Driftless Morning from Kickapoo Coffee Roasters.  A fitting blend for the location.

Iowa's Driftless Area is known for it's beautiful valleys and bluff.  What a contrast to the rest of the state!  Thanks to glaciers putting on the breaks, there's fantastic views scenery soak in, hills to hike or bike, and spring-fed streams to fish or float.  

 My route was  a simple one. Leaving from the cabin I rode to the access point of a trout stream.  Everyone I encountered in cars along the way were polite.  Not only did they all slow  down, but said hello with a wave.  I stopped a few times to admire views only traveling by bike could provide.  

The ride had some climbs which helped to burn off (some of?) breakfast.  I stopped for snacks at the general store, but it wasn't yet open for the day. Drat! 

It was a nice change of pace to not only ride somewhere outside of central Iowa, but to leave the pavement and venture down a gravel road.  It took me back to the days of riding Cactus Flower, only this time I didn't put my feet up on the handlebars. 

Happy Riding!