Library Tour

With several books stashed in the pannier I set out on a ride around town.  The objective was to visit each of the official Little Free Libraries in my community and donate a book.  Back in 2014 there was only one in town, but recently several have popped up .  Time to check them out.  (pun intended)

Prior to my ride I used the search feature at to locate these small collections and then determined the easiest way (minimal traffic interaction as possible) to get there by bike. 

The first one I visited was in need of some repair with the door of the the box missing.  I decided to skip this location as a donation spot.


Hidden by mailboxes a very cheerful library was painted in a few of my favorite colors.  It was in desperate need of books so I left two behind.  As much as I wanted to tidy the shelves, I let them be. 


A elementary teacher is the steward of the large educational themed library built by her husband.  It was my favorite.  Inside was a note inviting kids to use the sidewalk from the shelf and draw on her driveway and sidewalk.  How cool!


As a former teacher and library, this bike ride was especially fun, and would be for anyone who loves bikes and books.   A ride to the libraries would be also be great for families with young kids or grandparents out with the grand-kids.

Go for a ride. Take a book.  Return a book.  Foster the love of reading AND biking in one outing?  Now that's Happy Riding!