West Des Moines, You're Lucky!

The Trail

Linking West Des Moines to the metro's central trail hub, Jordan Creek travels east to west through parkland, industrial areas, and along city streets.  Named after it's respective creek, this asphalt and concrete trail can be accessed  at several city parks and businesses.  

Trail Information

Trail Map

The Ride

Ah, how I envy residents of West Des Moines.  Especially  those with close access to the Jordan Creek Trail. Why?  They can get practically anywhere by bike (church, movie theater, groceries, restaurants, retail, school, and the library) with limited time (if any) on city streets.  

Recently I took my bicycle along to one of my son's activities. After parting ways I left the car in the parking lot and pedaled to Target for some light shopping. My ride turned out to be a lucky one for several reasons:

1. I didn't have to get off the trail at all other than navigating through a parking lot.

2.  The bike rack was easy to find with no parking hassles.

3.  Thanks to the limited amount of space for transporting purchases, I ended up spending way less than I usually do.

4.  I saw a ginormous dandelion waiting to loose it's seeds.  I would have not been able to see this piece of whimsical art had I been in the car.

5.  On the ride back I found the spoke card I had lost.  Whew!

6.  I found another Little Free Library, which is always fun.

 West DesMoines , you're lucky!  Not every city in Iowa has a trail system to help you easily "get there by bike".  And, for those of us who enjoy visiting for shopping or other activities, consider taking your bike to use to get around while there.  

Happy Riding!