Was This Even A Bike Ride?

The Trail

With three parks along the Clive Greenbelt, it's a popular spot for young families and employees escaping  the office for a bit of outdoors.   On this ride I saw mom's with kids, a group of preschoolers out on a field trip, picnickers, and walkers.  It's a busy trail so riding slower does everyone a favor.  

The western portion of the trail awaits reconstruction and remains with it's bumps, dips and twists and turns.  No word (yet) on what 2016 has in store for construction or possible closures.

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The Ride

No coffee outside and no snacks?  Was it even a bike ride?  Without a bike break it certainly felt like something was missing.    Gasp!  Is this what it feels like to be training for something? 

Trust me, this ride certainly can not be placed in the category of training.  It can however, can be filed under interesting.  I pedaled by things you'd never think to see along a bike trail.    Things you'd never think to see along a bike trail.  Bright red luggage stowed among fallen trees, a bird feeder labeled "free" crammed into a bit of shrubbery and Christopher 'Walkin'. 

The best sightings were two additional Little Free Libraries.  My favorite one was the barn theme in Colby Park created to remember the father of Windsor Heights' mayor. All had books inside waiting to be borrowed. Next time I ride the the Clive Greenbelt I'll bring along books along to donate.

This ride was a great reminder that they all don't have to include food.  But I'll admit, the best rides rides always do!

Happy Riding!