What About Bob?

The Trail

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Tucked between two Urbandale neighborhoods, is the Bob Layton Trail.  It's "tiny but mighty" and a good place to find hidden prairie while winding along Walnut Creek.    The trail is dedicated to a former Urbandale city manager and travels 2 miles north from where it meets the Raccoon River Valley Trail just south of Douglas.

The Ride

On a recent ride on the Clive Greenbelt  I decided to jump ship and check out the trails north of Hickman.  

I quickly was reminded it's not yet spring when finding portions of the Raccoon River Valley Trail not only under mud, snow and ice, but closed.  Taking a detour through residential streets I met back up with the trail where it was closed from the north.

Walnut Creek had escaped its banks just enough to create a treacherous mess.  I know this only because I always take a drone with me on bike rides and used it to determine the cause of the closure and take a picture rather than (carefully...quietly..quickly) riding past the gates on my bike in stealth mode.

After finding the Raccoon not quite open for business I wondered "What about Bob?".   That trail also closely winds along the creek bank.  Would it be in a similar state?

Thankfully the remaining portion of the ride was dry.   There were a couple of spots that called for an easier gear.  I got the heart rate up and maybe even burned off an extra calorie.

A new "fitness area" had been installed along the trail since my last ride through.  I stopped to only take a picture because getting in a few quick sets or reps will never....ever... be a reason for me to hit the breaks.  

Happy Riding!