Always A Reason for Stopping

There's always a reason (excuses??) to stop on my bike rides.  The most frequent cause for dismount is to take a picture of something spotted and deemed interesting.  Today's instigators: 

  • Didn't even leave the driveway before stopping to take a picture of the  newest addition to my handlebar bag.  Nothing says "I'm out here for fun" better than  a big clip-on daisy.  
  • A squirrel with a phobia lives along a tree-lined stretch of trail. It hates dirty paws and stashes corn in trees rather than burying nuts in dirt. 
  • Vindictive rabbits in Dallas Center have spent winter stripping bark from saplings.  
  • Yes, I stopped to take a picture of a weed.  It's likely a thistle of some variety, but I found its purple-red hue pretty on a gray day.

Sometimes I think I should go on rides and not stop.  Just ride.  Work on speed.  "Put the miles in". Get stronger.  But then I come to my senses.

Happy Riding!