Animals Along the Jordan Creek Trail

West Des Moines has a new outdoor art installation.  It's called Surrounds and is found in five locations along the Jordan Creek Trail.  Earlier in the year residents voted for the native animals to be included.  The winners were fox, beaver, squirrel, rabbit, hawk, and owl.  

On my ride to find the brightly colored critters. I discovered the bridge just east of the I35 closed.  The sign posted was backwards indicating a slippery trail instead of a closed bridge.  I took the liberty of turning it over. The detour options are to either return to Prairie View Drive and use the southern sidewalk along EP True or to ride the grassy field through Jordan Creek Park.  I chose the field. 

To avoid spoilers I didn't take a picture of all animals.  And, I won't mention where they are all are in the event you want to go on your own hunt.  But, if you don't like surprises  or want to make sure they're all found, visit the city of West Des Moines website for locations.

Happy Riding!