Coffee Outside VII - Ada Hayden Heritage Park

The Ride

With a morning to spend in the Ames area I kicked things off with a ride around Ada Hayden Heritage Park.  Read more about the park in this previous post.    

I looped the asphalt trail a couple of times scouting out a spot for breakfast. The water was free of paddlers and birds, but the trail was busy.  Walkers and joggers were getting in their morning exercise.  With a pastry and coffee gear in my backpack, exercise wasn't my goal.  

Despite the covered picnic areas close to the trail I didn't find a quiet enough spot for my brew up.  So, I took to the upland trail.  Good choice.  The views from the slight increase in elevation give a different perspective to the park.  I found a stone bench and set up for breakfast.


The Brew Up

After putting the water on to boil I took in the view and ground the beans*.   The spot I picked ended up being perfect with only Chickadees and Goldfinch stopping by.  The Dutch Letter from Van Hermert's Dutch Oven Bakery in Ames I had tucked into my backpack went great with my coffee.  But then again I've yet to meet an almond paste-filled pastry I didn't like.

Happy Riding! 

*Beans from Mother Earth Coffee Co.