Coffee Outside III - High Trestle Trail

Today was not only the first time I've enjoyed coffee* while standing on a 13 story high bridge, it was also my first bike ride brew-up.  

An overlook spot on the High Trestle Bridge proved to be a great location for a coffee break.  It was breezy but the stove was nicely tucked out of the wind. In less than 10 minutes I was enjoying my caffeine fix while soaking up some sun and admiring the view.  Other than sounds of cracking ice it was a quiet morning. 

Along with continuing to brainstorm future coffee outside locations, I need to determine a better way to tote coffee gear. I'm sure I looked quite silly riding down the trail using one grocery pannier.  Thankfully the only witnesses were deer, and they can't laugh.

Happy Riding!

*The morning brew was Sumatra from Corazon Coffee Roasters