Change is Good

The Trail

Considered a critical trail within the Des Moines metro area, the Clive Greenbelt has been undergoing significant transformations over the past two years.  This summer, improvements were made to western portions of the trail and within Campbell Park.

Enhancements will continue over the next three years and will include connections to neighborhoods, flood control for Walnut Creek, trail signage, replacement of trail surfacing  and the opening of trailside businesses.  

Project Updates

Trail Map

Trail Information

The Ride

Having heard the trail had re-opened it was time to check out the new construction.  I also wanted to contribute to the Clive Greenbelt Rehabilitation fund by purchasing a trail t-shirt.  It would be a fun addition to my ever growing collection of biking shirts.  

Making my way over to City Hall I enjoyed the new wider and much smoother surface.  The entrance to Campbell Park looked great!  It's now much easier for users to get on/off the trail.   Also spotted were new benches and also a extremely cute Little Free Library.   

Art Along the Trail was still on display.  I stopped to check out "Fowl Play" installed along 114th street.  It was created by Tim Adams, who also had "Seahorse" displayed last year,  It is now located just off the trail at the aquatic center. 

At City Hall I was informed t-shirt sales were going well with an average of ten sold a day. Not too shabby!  I also learned about the Open House scheduled for Sept 17th from 4:30 - 6:30.  Trail users will have an opportunity to provide input on the trail project, along with partaking in food and fun.  

Oftentimes change can be challenging to accept or seen as a negative.  But along the Clive Greenbelt, change is for the better. It will be exciting to see it continue to evolve over the years.

Happy Riding!