Awesome Altoona

The Trails

Greenway Park, Gay Lea Wilson, Vern Willey, and a collection of residential trails provides Altoona cyclists with fun options for getting around town.   Flat asphalt trails are in great condition and at a comfortable width.  A protected pedestrian bridge over 8th street is a safe option for crossing four lanes of busy roadway. Altoona’s trails are a fun and safe place for kids to ride.  There are spots to visit along the trail such as the public library, city ponds, gardens, and recreation complexes.  

The Greenway Park Trail winds it's way northeast past ponds and quiet backyards.  Named after the Altoona community services director and avid cyclist, the Vern Willey trail travels east/west through Prairie Heritage Park and connects to the popular Gay Lea Wilson Trail.  

Trail Map

The Ride

I love riding around this Iowa town.  Trails are in great condition and there's lots of options for a fun ride with or without kid(s).

This ride was "with kid".  Using the public library as our trailhead, we meandered around parks and neighborhoods.  Our adventure included an inaugural visit to the Enabling Gardens.  What a glorious garden!  Along with the beautiful display beds, there's plenty of treasures tucked among the plantings.  This a must-see spot in Altoona, even if you don't have a green thumb!

Altoona is not only a fun community for a leisurely bike ride, it's a good place for young anglers to cast their line into one of the small ponds.  Something tells me the kid I was with will be doing that on our next visit.

After exploring around town we headed towards Pleasant HIll on the Gay Lea Wilson.  The stretch between Altoona and NE 27th street is flat and mostly shady.  A great segment for young riders on a sunny summer day.

Happy Riding!