Coffee Outside - Raccoon River Valley Trail

It's back to school week here in Iowa.  For most folks bike riding opportunity peaks during the summer months, but it's the opposite for me.  Back to school for others means back to the trails for me.  

With morning commitments out of the way I set off for Dallas Center on the Raccoon River Valley Trail .  I hadn't had chance to drink my coffee yet so I poured it into good 'ol Stanley and filled the pannier with essentials for enjoying my coffee outside along the trail.  

The trail was pretty busy for a weekday morning.  A group of seniors were out for a ride and looked to be having a lot of fun!  Yellow was the color of the day with the Oxeye Sunflowers in bloom.  The interesting sighting for the morning was a deer skull? on the trail.  It looked to be pretty weathered.  What was weird was how it hadn't been in that spot before.  Perhaps it was found in the ditch by a dog and brought it up to the trail.  Strange!

Reaching Dallas Center I pulled over at the new fire pit area at Biker's Haven.  It was the perfect spot for me to sit and relax and enjoy my coffee* outside.  There were Adirondack chairs,  tree stumps serving as cup holders, stone benches, and wood on the grate.  All I needed was a match and some marshmallows and I could have had a smore.  What a fantastic addition along the trail.  Perfect for coffee outside!

Before getting back on my bike I couldn't help but check out the Holiday Rambler camper parked in the lot.  With one side painted brown and the other pink it reminded me of Neapolitan ice cream.  The creative touches made me smile.  Especially the sign reminding those passing by to be happy.  How can I not having started my day like this. 

Happy Riding!

*The morning's brew was Twin Cities blend from Peace Coffee in Minneapolis.