The Experiment Begins

What's it like to ride a road bike? It's a question I've asked myself frequently over the years. Would riding a bike with narrow tires and dropped handlebars bring me as much fulfillment as the Iron Giant has? What's the best way to find the answer to my questions? 

A low-risk way to experiment would be ideal. If I end up disliking a road bike I can always find it a new home. If I end up loving it then I can take the next steps in upgrading my ride.  That's my plan. 

Earlier this season I purchased an inexpensive bicycle and had it checked over at a local bike shop.  Deemed road worthy the experiment was ready to begin.

The inaugural ride took place on the Waukee to DC route of the Racoon River Valley Trail. I figured 12 miles would be a good distance to get acclimated.  The ride itself went great. Clear skies a light breeze and easy peadling.  

The time in the saddle was alright.  There's a lot to get used to!  Stem shifting being the biggest challenge along with the different handlebars.  At one point I went "down into the drops" as the roadies would say.  It felt similar to my yoga shoulder stand...I'm here..... now how do I get back out!!  I was learning to ride a bike all over again. A bit uneasy and a bit unsure. 

I was feeling a bit more confident on the return trip from Dallas Center. Without a computer. I was unsure of my speed but was feeling faster...until I was smoked by a group of lady riders. 

The jury is still out on this venture into a different type of cycling. I'll keep putting the miles in until I can answer the question. What's it like to ride a road bike? 

Happy Riding!