Off to a Great Start - A Ride on the Jordan Creek Trail

The Trail

Linking West Des Moines to the metro's central trail hub Jordan Creek travels through a variety of areas ranging from parkland, industrial areas, and along city streets.  Named after it's respective creek, this asphalt and concrete trail can be accessed  at several city parks and businesses.  

Trail Information

Trail Map

The Ride

A portion of this trail had been closed for years and hearing it was open I set out to see for myself.  My ride began at Jordan Creek Park.  There's no facilities at this location but it's super handy for hopping onto the trail.

I headed west to check out the newly reopened segment of trail. Barricades had been parted allowing trail users to make their way through.  All was quiet in the former construction zone and the project looked complete despite a menagerie of construction materials waiting to be cleaned up.  

Between trail closures and mud/water/ice in various tunnels, riding the Jordan Creek trail can sometimes be problematic.  I chose not to venture further west after finding the trail approach of the 60th street tunnel covered in inches of mud.  Tough mudder I'm not!

Art on the Campus had opened by the West Des Moines Library and City Hall area.  I pedaled  over and got some culture by checking out the 13 sculptures created by Iowa artists.  My favorite was Prairie Tamer by Daniel Perry of Waterloo.  It reminded me of a weather vein and Iowa's windy days.  The art installment will be on display through the fall with each sculpture for sale.  

After admiring the art  I headed back towards the car but not without stopping at Timbuktuu Coffee Bar for a smoothie.  With a bike ride, some culture, and a healthy treat my day was off to a great start.

Happy Riding!