A Springtime Favorite

Washington DC has cherry trees, Pella has tulips, and Des Moines has my favorite, crabapples. Easily accessible from the Des Moines Regional Trail system, the Arie den Boer Arboretum, is my favorite springtime spot.   Located within Water Works Park  it is one of the biggest collections of crabapple trees in the world.  

Visiting the park on my bike I slowly pedaled past trees laden with delicate blossoms.  The flowery aroma was a million times better than any perfume.  I paused several times to just stare up into millions of pastel flowers and marvel at their beauty.  This is a place where I could spend hours just soaking in the colors, the scents and sunshine.  

The trees will be blooming for another week, so make plans to go.  Take a leisurely bike ride among the blossoms and enjoy the glory of spring.  

Happy Riding!