The Changing Clive Greenbelt

The Trail

Located on the western outskirts of the Des Moines metro, The Clive Greenbelt is an asphalt urban trail that runs for eleven miles through the heart of Clive.  It winds through the Greenbelt Park Forest and Woodlands, past Greenbelt Prairie, and several city parks. The Clive Greenbelt is also known for it’s yearly sculpture exhibit, Art Along the Trail.

Trail Information

Trail Map

The Ride

Mimicking the twists and turns of Walnut Creek the Clive Greenbelt is a fun trail to ride.  It can get quite busy resulting in the need to slow down and stay observant of others enjoying the trail. Bumps and dips caused by tree roots are another reason for being on alert.  However, overly cautious riding may soon be a thing of the past due to trail improvements.  

Between NW100th and 86st the trail has changed significantly. New asphalt is smooth as glass and the removal of curves takes away the surprise of finding pedestrians around the tight bends.   Despite the removal of several switchbacks, there are still plenty to lean in and out of west of NW 100th. It will be interesting to see what additional changes will take place on the trail over the next year.

Like most rides, I took my time and even ventured down trail spurs to see what I could find.  Most had interesting views of the creek and bridges to cross. The white mottled branches of a sycamore tree caught my eye.  A favorite, these grand trees beautifully stand out against the browns of winter.  

The 1-80 bridge had quite the fresco spray painted on one of it’s supports.  I wonder how long it took the artist to complete, what it means, and if it too will have changed the next time I ride by.

Happy Riding!