Wimping Out?

With another winter storm scheduled to arrive I wanted to get out and enjoy a ride.  It wasn't too cold (low 30's) and the wind was calm.  The only unknown was the condition of the trail. Would there be leftovers from Thanksgiving's freezing rain?  

Setting out from Waukee with Adel as my destination I quickly discovered signs, trees and grasses still coated in ice.  However, the trail was dry and ice-free.  Arriving in Ortonville I was a bit apprehensive of the wooded area ahead.  Would it be dry too?

I was in luck.....until the first bridge.  It was a sheet of ice.  I dismounted and shuffled across.  This was repeated two more times before reaching Adel where I called in a rescue. Thankfully my husband was willing to fetch me for an ice-free and warm ride back home.  

Waiting for my ride I headed over to the Adel spillway for a bit of exploring.   The Wiscotta Bridge is on the west side of the spillway.  It's one of the oldest iron truss bridges remaining in Iowa.  Built in 1879, it spanned the south Raccoon River in Wiscotta (now considered Redfield). In 1996 the bridge was moved to Adel for preservation and enjoyment of those visiting Island Park.  

I suppose one could call me a wimp for not returning home by bike.  Some may view this ride as abandoned.  I'm certainly not chalking it up as a failure, or incomplete.   Being chauffeured home in a warm vehicle while sipping hot cocoa is  just another type of Happy Riding!