Different but Same

As you know, I ride the Raccoon River Valley Trail frequently.  One would think riding the same routes would get mundane, but I've yet to get bored.  It's no exaggeration that something new or different catches my attention.  

This fall ride can't be described as eventful, just an out-in-back from to Redfield.  But, there were sightings causing me to pause, point, and click:

  • Adel's new Patriot Rock painted by art students who deserve an "A".
  • The carved boulder a stone's throw away from the Redfield trailhead. 
  • The posted conservation sign causing me to realize I consider myself wildlife. 
  • A swath of green keeping corn and beans in their rightful places.
  • A truck driver who either can't read...or just won't.
  • The "closing for the winter" sign at the ice cream shop.

Each ride is unique...but they do have a common element.  I'll let you guess which one.

Happy Riding!