Getting the Groceries

Blessed with a warm and sunny January day I headed out on the Iron Giant to get groceries for supper.  The list was short so I wasn’t too worried about running out of room in the pannier.  I wanted to avoid hanging bags on the handlebars in order to make it home.  Has this happened before?  Maybe it has and….maybe it has.  Now I take along a backpack for the items that don’t fit.  Plus, it works great for carrying my helmet and winter gear while I shop.

The great weather called for taking the long route.  I leisurely rode through neighborhoods and took a pass through Centennial Park. After getting a few miles in it was time to do my shopping.  

The grocery store I frequent has a bike rack right outside the door.  They do a great job keeping it cleared of snow.  While parking my bike a mother and her young kids walked past.  She commented, “I bet that’s fun being able to ride your bike to the store.”  Of course she was right.

Happy Riding!