A Short Ride to a Little Library

Have you ever visited a Little Free Library?  These tiny buildings are typically found in neighborhoods and promote literacy for young and old readers alike.  Using the concept of “take a book and leave a book”, the movement started in 2009.  The first library was built in Hudson, Wisconsin.  Now there are over 15,000 little libraries around the world.   


On past bike rides in other communities I’ve seen free libraries, but not in Waukee.  So, I was delighted to hear the news of one opening only a few miles from my home.  With plans to donate to the cause, I gathered some children's books and headed out towards the town bike trail.

The timing of my ride could have been better.  As I approached the high school a stream of cars was leaving the parking lot.  I rode slowly keeping an eye out for young motorists focused on escaping the confines of their school day. 


After reaching the residential area I quickly found the library.  It was so cute standing in the shade of a tree!  The bench next to it was a great spot for thumbing through a book.  For such a little library, there was quite a large selection to choose from.  I opted not to take a book, but did find a spot for what I brought before making my way back home.  

On the return trip I rode through Centennial Park.  Passing the tennis courts I spotted a golf ball in the grass.  I stopped and picked it up.  As bad of a golfer I am I need all the balls I can find!

The short ride to visit my town’s first Little Free Library Fun was a fun one! Kerry Burrows and Chris Wood have made a wonderful contribution to Waukee by using their front yard as a neighborhood gathering spot and providing a welcoming place for kids to "check out" books and read something fun.  

Happy Riding!


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