The Bacoon Ride

Iowa is the top pork producing station in the nation.  It is also home to premier bike trails and the week long bike event of RAGBRAI (Registers Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa).

Pork and cycling came together this past Saturday for the inaugural Bacoon Ride: The Ride for the Cured.  A 71 mile route along the Raccoon River Valley Trail with 7 bacon themed pit stops was the agenda for thousands of cyclists from around the state. 

Riding for Iowa Bike Rides were my brother, sister-in-law, nephew, myself, and my sister.  The Bacoon Ride was a significant goal for our group.  The longest ride any of us had ridden before was 30 miles.  

Our plan was to leave Waukee early with the goal of reaching Perry (52 miles), but being happy if we were successful in making it to Panora (28 miles).  My husband would be on call” to pick us up at a trailside town once we had our fill of pork and pedaling.

The early start to our ride proved to be a good idea.  We avoided waiting in long rides for the free food and even had sections of trail all to ourselves.  Riding down the slight grades through the tree lined tunnel between Redfield and Panora was our favorite part of the ride.

“On your left”, “bike up”, “crossing”, “stopping” were the vocabulary words of the day.  Friends and bicycles with unique accouterments were spotted in the crowds cyclists and along the trail. 

Mother Nature had been kind providing a nice tailwind ride but she changed her attitude after our extended break in Perry. Wrapping up our delicious meal at Casa de Oro, we noticed the sky darkening outside and the wind picking up.  Scrapping our plans to see if we could complete the remaining 24 miles, we elected to ride our personal “sag wagon” back to Waukee.  Once we had our bikes and gear loaded, the winds picked up and the sky opened.   Proud of ourselves for pedaling 52 miles we rode in comfort back to Waukee.

The Baccon Ride was great combination of bacon and biking.  Most of all it was a major accomplishment for our group and inspired us to plan the our next biking adventure.  

Happy Riding!