Back Home for a Bike Ride

The Trail

The Indian Creek Greenbelt Trail travels the southern perimeter of Nevada, Iowa with connections to Lincoln Highway and the SCORE Recreational Complex. A trail spur just west of the the railroad bridge provides riders with access to the downtown area.  The trail is frequently used by walkers, joggers, and neighborhood kids heading to the swimming pool.

Trail Map

The Ride

Growing up outside of Nevada, bike rides were on rural gravel roads.  Every once in a while we would ride into town for the treat of pedaling on smooth streets.  Had this fantastic trail existed back then I’m sure we would have driven Mom nuts with requests to “go into town”.

On a visit back home, my son and I packed up my mom’s bike and headed into town  for a ride.  My mom had often told me about how pretty this greenbelt trail is.  “Mom’s always right”, and she was again.  We leisurely pedaled from our starting point at the fairgrounds, through the sports complex, and over to Starbucks for lunch. 

 Winding through the wooded areas alongside Indian Creek, you quickly forget you’re on a urban trail. There is a city pond just off the northwest loop where fishing is permitted.  A metal canopy under the railroad bridge protects trail users from debris. 

Parking our bikes under a tree we headed into Starbucks for lunch.  This drive-in is located off of Lincoln Way, and is accessible from the trail via the Nevada High School parking lot.  Only open during the summer, Starbucks is a popular spot for lunch.  Their soft-serve ice cream is some of the best I’ve had. Other menu items includes pork tenderloins, burgers and coney dogs.

The kids of Nevada are definitely spoiled having this pretty trail to use for getting around town.  Hopefully there are rural kids, who like us, head into town to experience a smooth ride.

Happy Riding!