A Short Ride with Positive Results

Trail: Waukee urban trail and city streets

Location: Downtown Waukee and east to the Waukee High School campus

Ride Length:  Short

Surface:  Concrete and Asphalt

Terrain: Flat

Date:    1-20-14

Time:    2:00 PM

Weather: 40/Cloudy/Windy

Starting Point: My neighborhood in Waukee

Ride Map


  • This route included city streets, sidewalks and a portion of the Waukee urban trail.

  • I left my neighborhood weary from winter.  I was sick of the cold, sick of shoveling snow, and bummed knowing I was in store for even more.  But only a block from the house I started feeling better.  The fresh air in my lungs, muscles working the pedals, and the sound of the knobby tires against the concrete all soothed my winter blues.

  • I wasn’t the only person who was intent on getting outside before the next round of snow.  I greeted several walkers and a couple of like minded cyclists on the trail.  

  • Streets and the trail were clear with only a few puddles and slushy parts remaining after a brief winter warm up.  That would certainly change in only a matter of hours.  


  • More and more people head out for a walk, jog or ride plugged into their devices.  Often I’ve wondered if saying “On your left!” before passing is even worth it.  Do they even hear me ?  I’ll continue using cycling etiquette and give folks a heads up despite being heard or not.  


  • No stops on this ride.


  • I swung through the Downtown Triangle and headed over to the beginning of the Waukee urban trail.  The Waukee Co-Op grain elevator looked so ominous towering against the steel colored Iowa sky.  

  • Riding east on the trail I opted to looped past the Waukee Field House.  I haven’t been inside to see the new renovations, but if the W on the side of building is an indication,  it’s got to be huge!  

  • A winter hat was added to my ride artifacts.  I spotted this lost item in the High School parking lot and couldn't help but wonder if a kid got a lecture from Mom on losing their brand new hat.


  • None unless you count the smell of pizza baking as I pedaled past the Pizza Ranch. 

Wrap Up

A bike ride might only be a few miles in length.  Maybe it's just a loop around the block.  No matter how short, in my book it still “counts” as a ride.  Especially when it gives you relief, makes you smile, and helps you manage through the challenging weather winter brings.