A Bicycle Ride That Wasn't Fun

Trail: Waukee urban trail and city streets    

Location: Downtown Waukee to Alice’s Road

Ride Length:  Short

Surface:  Concrete

Terrain:  Flat

Date:    1-29-2014

Time:    12:00

Weather: 20’s/Windy/Sunny

Starting Point:  My neighborhood in Waukee

Ride Map


  • This was the first time I went on a bike ride and came home grumpy.  I’d been itching to get a ride on the Iron Giant and because it hadn't snowed in a while I figured the trail in town would be cleared and dry. I bundled up and headed over to the urban trail after cutting through the car wash/co-op lot.  

  • It felt great to be back on my bike but the gusts of wind blowing through it’s spokes didn't. I began to wonder how long this ride would be.

  • I wanted to take the newer trail addition over to the Walnut Creek Baseball complex.  Quickly the ride came to a halt.  What looked to be a large puddle on the trail turned out to be ice!  I got off my bike and carefully shuffled over to safer ground.

  • Only a few yards from the ice slick my hopes for a cleared trail were dashed.  I again got off my bike and walked through the rock hard icy snow with the Iron Giant bumping alongside.  This was repeated three more times before I decided to return home.  

  • Avoiding the ice and snow patches, I took streets back to the trail and headed home wondering if it would be best to put the Iron Giant away until spring.  


  • When faced with a large icy patch of trail it might be best to dismount your steed and walk.


  • None


  • I had no idea there were rattlesnakes in Waukee!  I won’t be trespassing in that yard.


  • A happy carrot cupcake waited for me back home.  

Wrap Up

This ride proved that not every ride can be a positive experience.  With the winds and frigid temperatures winter has brought to Iowa, it’s tempting to just put the bike up until warmer weather arrives. Hopefully Mother Nature will be kind and send spring early.

Happy Riding!