A Family Bike Ride at Raccoon River Park

The Trail

Considered the "crown jewel" of the metro area, Raccoon River Park is home to the 3 mile crushed rock trail circling Blue Heron Lake.  Out on this trail you quickly forget you're in the city.  This quiet location and the wide limestone path is a perfect spot for kids to ride their bikes.  With the awesome playground, beach, nature lodge, sport complexes, and fishing pier nearby there are lots of ways families can have fun.  

Park Information

The Ride

Feeling proud of ourselves having figured out a headache free method for transporting our bikes we set off for West Des Moines for a family bike ride. 

It was a beautiful fall afternoon.  The colors of the changing leaves along with the scenes of Blue Heron Lake provided soothing scenery as we pedaled our way around the lake.  We stopped to take in the view of the Raccoon River which flanks a portion of the trail.  

My son really enjoyed this trail as it gave him an opportunity to ride independently ahead of us without concerns for crossing busy streets.  The trail is a popular place for walkers and runners so plan for a slow relaxing ramble on the bike.

We took at peak by the new archery facility that recently opened at the park.  No one was there shooting, but I suspect it’s a popular spot for local archers.  

A bike ride was a great way to spend time together as a family and the trail at Raccoon River Park the perfect spot.

Happy Riding!