Bike Ride - Waukee

Trail:  Waukee city streets, sidewalks and urban trail

Date:    12-2-2013

Time:    11:00 AM

Weather: 40/Breezy/Cloudy

Mileage: 4

Route Map


  • I decided to “kill two birds with one bike ride” and include running errands while going on a bike ride around town.  Little did I know I’d see a couple of goofy birds along the way.

  • The route included city streets, sidewalks and a portion of the Waukee urban trail.

  • My handlebar bag worked great for holding a Netflix DVD and library books.


  • It was a quiet morning and although portions of my ride were in the streets, I only encountered a couple of cars.  Always keep an eye out for traffic!

  • Using my bike bike to run errands instead of my car was not only fun but environmentally friendly.  I need to figure out a way to lug home groceries on my bike since the grocery store is the place I seem to visit most often.


  • I first swung by the post office to drop off a Netflix DVD.  Then it was over to the library.


  • It’s the holiday season and the sightings around town proved it.  First I encountered an enormous snow man.  Thankfully we haven’t had enough snow yet to make one that big!

  • At the Waukee Public Library a purple Christmas tree caught my eye as I returned a book.  How pretty!  I browsed around the library a bit before finishing my ride.

  • On the way back home I saw a couple of goofy Turkeys relaxing having survived Thanksgiving.

  • Every year the “Cup Lady” decorates her chain link fence with a holiday message.  I decided to swing past her house to see if she had it completed.  She did.  A Merry Christmas to you too!


  • I returned home and had a pumpkin pie smoothie before getting started on my next to-do items for the day.