Tri City Ride

Trail:  Waukee Urban - Clive Greenbelt - Raccoon River Valley - Bob Layton


Date: 11-7-13

Time: 9:30 am

Weather: 35/ NW Wind/Sunny

Mileage: 16


  • Today’s ride was on a mixture of trails located in three different cities.  Waukee, Clive and Urbandale. I wanted to head out before the wind picked up too much today .  I also stuck to trails where I wasn’t out in the wide open.

  • I began and ended my ride in Waukee at the trailhead for the urban trail.  The trailhead has a city map along with bike racks.  Unfortunately there is not a bathroom or water fountain at this location.

  • There are several parks along this route to stop and rest or use bathroom facilities (when not closed for the season).  

  • The Raccoon River Valley and Bob Layton portions of the trail (both north of Hickman) were new experiences for me.  These are both very pretty sections of trail.  One piece travels through some beautiful woods.  

  • Surfaces varied from concrete to asphalt.  All trails were in good condition with minimal grades.  My leisurely ride turned into a good workout along NW 156th street with thanks to a few rolling hills.


  • This route took me off the trail and onto some residential streets in a couple of spots so watching out for traffic is important.

  • Use caution when crossing Alice’s road.  

  • The tunnel going under 156th street usually has some standing water in it. Today wasn’t an exception.

  • The temperature today resulted in some cold toes.  Burr!!  I need to figure out how to keep my feet warm when it’s under 40 degrees outside.


  • No stops today other than to take pictures of the interesting things I saw along the way.


This ride was filled with some things you don’t usually see while out on a bike ride:

  • Unfortunately I don’t have pictorial proof of this but, when riding through a Clive neighborhood to reconnect with the greenbelt, I met a Metro Waste garbage truck. Riding shotgun was the biggest white teddy bear I’ve ever seen, complete with a vest and stocking hat.  That garbage man knows how to make his job fun!

  • Finders Keepers! I found a golf ball just as I rode up to the Clive greenbelt and quickly stashed it in my bike bag.

  • Hansel and Gretel must live in Clive, because I saw their playhouse along the trail.  

  • When crossing Walnut Creek north of Hickman I noticed a bike tube hanging from the branches of a tree.  What??  I could almost picture the rider throwing it in the air in frustration.  


  • I returned back home to warm up with a cup of hot cocoa and a bowl of oatmeal.  A great way to end a great ride.