To the Tap and Back

Trail Map

Trail Information


  • This trail is a portion of the former Chicago Great Western railroad.  It was a great destination for an easy afternoon ride with my brother and sister-in law.

  • The asphalt trail travels through Willow Creek Golf course and under Highway 5. Significant bumps are highlighted with white paint.  The trail crosses several times over gravel roads.   Moderate tree canopy buffers wind and provides shade on a hot day.

  • Pit stop facilities are found across  from the Izzak Walton League on Valley Drive and also on the Willow Creek golf course.  A “parking only” shaded rest stop shelter is located south of the Highway 5 tunnel.


  • Keep an eye out for bumps in the asphalt and loose gravel on trail crossings.

  • The trail winds just a bit through the golf course.  Also, keep an eye out for carts or any shanked golf balls. FORE!!!

  • Even on a perfectly calm day  there always seems to be a headwind in the section just south Highway 5.

  • The downward grade traveling back to DesMoines comes in handy for ending your ride with a strong finish.


  • The Cumming Tap was our destination for the day.  We grabbed a cold beer in a frosty glass and headed outside to the patio.  It was a beautiful day to sit in the shade, relax and have some great conversation.  

  • Tuesday evenings are Taco Night.  Tacopocalypse provides the tacos and the tap has Fat Tire pints for only $2.50.  This event is on my "must-do" list.


  • Chipmunks live life on the edge along the trail.  Watch out!  They seem to enjoy dodging tires and spokes.  

  • Concrete mile markers from the former railway indicating the distance to Kansas City can be spotted along the trail.  

  • Cumming Tap is a great spot for taking a break and watching other cyclists come and go.  I was glad we walked out bikes to the parking area.  We witnessed a guy on a very expensive bike pop a tire on the rocks.  Luckily he came equipped and quickly changed out his tube.