Minburn to Dawson

Trail:  Raccoon River Valley - Minburn to Dawson

Route:  http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/325727413

Date: 8-14-13

Time: Morning

Weather: 70 degrees, Sun, Slight Breeze

Mileage: 26


  • This is a great concrete trail. It's smooth with very slight grades, cement gravel road crossings and nicely groomed trail shoulders.

  • I couldn't miss the beautiful scenes of Iowa farmland between Minburn and Perry. It was an ocean of green. 

  • Perry and Dawson have clean and comfortable pit stop facilities .


  • Minburn lacks nice trail head facilities, but in a pinch you could the public library might be available.

  • Use caution when crossing 4 lanes of busy highway when reaching Perry.

  • Keep an eye open for green painted trail arrows on sidewalks downtown Perry.

  • Be prepared for the smell behind the Tyson plant in Perry. It's pretty gross.  I tried holding my breath for as long as possible.  It didn't help.

  • The inside the restored train station in Dawson has some historical displays to check out.


  • I "check out" the public library in Perry at the corner of Willis and 1st Avenue. I'm a sucker for a nice library.  

  • The Racoon river bridge west of Perry was a fun stop for taking a few pictures.

  • I took a break at the Dawson trail station. It was very quiet in town that day.  I felt like I was the only person around.


  • Lots of Iowa’s wildflowers were in bloom along the trail between Minburn and Perry.

  • I was so lucky to hear the call of a Bobwhite Quail East of Perry.  This is why I don't use ear buds or head phones while riding.  Nature provides the best playlist.

  • I spotted a cute fisherman statue outside of Minburn. in the dusty lot of the local ag co-op.


  • During my break  in Dawson I snacked on some sweet and chewy homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.  They hit the spot and were a nice treat after a solid 13 miles of pedaling.