Bike Gear That's Not Bike Gear 4.0


Some bike rides don't demand the luggage that is my handlebar bag.  But, often I still need an easy way to carry essentials like phone, keys, wallet, an extra bandana, and patch kit.  Viola! The fanny pack.  

Before going any further let's just decide to call it something else. Something less circa 1985. Something sans fanny.  Belt bag it is...

I can't recollect where or when I obtain my East Sport belt bag.  Thankfully I never got rid of it over the years because it has recently evolved into a go-to piece of bike gear!  It's lightweight, has multiple places to store essentials and bit of reflective striping.  

The only thing missing (so-far) is some flair like the handlebar bag has.  A problem soon to be remedied. 

Happy Riding!

Ahoy!! - Lights along the High Trestle Trail

Trail users who have left lights at home now have a "plan B" method for staying visible during nighttime treks to the High Trestle Bridge.  


Four eye-catching lighthouses are located along the trail.  Inside are flashing beacons to borrow and return at the end of your ride or walk.  


Now that's what I call a cool trail amenity!

Happy Riding!


Bike Gear That's Not Bike Gear 3.0

 I'm far from being a bike fashionista, and am likely a fashion don't, but who cares!  It's fun dressing happy. Plus, I prefer "normal clothes" over cycling ensembles.  

My go-to biking shirts are the Womens Performance Vented Shirts from Dickies.  Here's why:

  • Color schemes keep me visible against green (summer) or brown (fall/winter) backgrounds.
  • Vents and wicking fabric help me stay cool.
  • Hidden pockets!! 
  • SPF protection.
  • Great top layer on cooler bike rides.
  • Economical price point.
  • "Plad is rad."

I found mine at Mills Fleet Farm in Ankeny, but they can also be found online at Dickies or Amazon

Happy Riding! 

Bike Gear That's Not Bike Gear 2.0


Ah, the bandanna.  There's always one in my bike bag and quite often another tide around the Iron Giant's headset.  This piece of bike gear is indispensable and inexpensive.  Plus, I've found them fun to collect.  

The many ways I've used a square piece of cloth makes this a must-have for my bike rides.  

  • Battling a runny nose.  
  • Keeping sweat out of my eyes.
  • Holding ice to sooth a nasty bug bite or sting.
  • Serving as a tablecloth at snack time. (A personal favorite)
  • Marking my parked bike making it easy to spot.  
  • Hiding helmet hair.
  • Creating a makeshift hat, ear muff, or face mask.
  • Soaking one in water and tying around my neck to keep cool.
  • Wildly waving away bugs when stopping trailside.
  • Gathering fruit picked along the trail.
  • Securing stuff to the rear rack rack.  
  • Protecting my neck from the sun.
  • “Locking” my bike after forgetting the bike lock.
  • Cleaning gunk on my bike, face or hands.

My favorite place for finding fun and eye-catching bandannas is, Jax Mercantile, up in Ames.  The craft sections of Hobby Lobby, and Wal-Mart are also a reliable options.

Consider adding this bit of "non bike gear" to your arsenal.   It never fails to come in handy!

Happy Riding!


Bike Gear That's Not Bike Gear 1.0

L.L. Bean's Ultralight Wind Jacket

It's that time of year when the weather is moody.  One day it will be in the 70's only to be followed by a drop into the 20's.  One day the sun sun shines bright the next day the skies are cloudy and gray.   And then there's the wind!  Thankfully I found a cheerful piece of gear that works well keeping the unpredictable weather off my back. 

While the Ultralight Wind Jacket is not technically bike gear it has quickly become a go-to piece of attire.  Because it's so light I can comfortably wear it over other layers and not end up singing "fat guy in a little coat".  

 I like how the jacket provides a bright pop of color out on the trail or in the woods. It packs down into a small pouch making it easy to stow in either a bike bag or pocket.  It's versatility and price point make it a no brainer addition to my collection of bike gear that's not bike gear.

Happy Riding!