30 Days of Biking - Week Three

Day 21

Pedaled over to the Public Safety Building to see the Freedom Rock created by Ray Sorensen   This rock used to be outside a local church but was later moved to its new home.  Makes more sense to me. 


Day 22

What a pretty morning!  Rode to Dallas Center again today.  I finally remembered to take along my binoculars, so of course, I didn't come across anything noteworthy.  Who needs fancy art at a trailhead when you can have beautiful Redbud trees?


Day 23

Felt kinda bad about locking my bike up to the railing but when there's no other choice whaddyagunnado?  I've yet to leave this store having only spent $1. 



Day 24

Holy cow was it windy today!  This is when it's great to ride in town.  Pedaled down to Water Works Park to sniff the Crabapples.  Forgot to bring along a water bottle and got a bit parched.  Funnily enough, the water fountain at Water Works Park wasn't working.  


Day 25

Found a good spot to toss prairie seed bombs while riding to Dallas Center.  I'm crossing my fingers the seeds have a chance.  The spot I picked is grassy and doesn't have any of that wild parsnip growing.  


Day 26

Today was to the post office and back.  Wonder if anyone else has noticed how there's always empty booze bottles under the pine tree. 



Day 27

It's official.  I've run out of creative spots for taking bike photos around town.  What am I going to do if I take the pledge again next year?  Oh, I know!  Move to Minneapolis!!!  Dream on kid...


Day 28

Remember when there used to be an old gas station next to the ice cream shop?  One pump and one stall for working on cars?  You'd never know it now.  The business that took over the building sure did a great job landscaping. The filter I chose put the pinks a bit over the top huh?


Day 29

Every time I see this sign I think "Stay true Bill...Stay true!"  Today's a day where this blog needs to be changed to "Random Weird Stuff I Think About While Riding My Bicycle". But that's just too long for a URL.  


Day 30

Last pledge ride today and a part of me is glad.  The rain, wind and gray got old and my bowl of Instagrams got a bit stale. Bring on May, summer, and long rides out on the bike trails.  

Happy Riding!