30 Days of Biking - Week Two

Day Eleven

Rode the West Des Moines trails today and made sure to ride past the Dandelion sculpture. Wonder if the artist lets them grow in their yard.  


Day Twelve

Went looking for my favorite tree along the Clive Greenbelt.  I need to keep this spot in mind for a future coffee outside bike ride.  


Day Thirteen

Rode my town loop today.  Heard a Meadow Lark when taking this picture.  Then a car showed up and slowly rode behind me the rest of the way out of the park. Weird.


Day Fourteen

At the beginning of 30 Days of Biking I had intended to incorporate a lot of trail rides.  However, it's not turning out like I thought.  Today was another ride around town.  I'm getting bored with my town loop and need to get out on a trail soon.  


Day Fifteen

Took a few books over to a sharing library.  Once upon a time, Waukee had just one of these. I've lost count of how many there are now.  A bicycle-theme design would be cool.


Day Sixteen

The day almost got away from me before I got my ride in.  Andie the hardware store cat jumped into the window after I took this picture.  I think she gets lonely on Sunday's.  She was looking up at me and meowing like she wanted some attention.  


Day Seventeen

FINALLY a trail ride.  A light breeze, sun, and coffee outside!  "Cheers to that!!" It's been interesting how bike riding has taught me about me.  There's quite a long list of stuff I've "learned" since beginning this blog.  The recent realization is how little I enjoy riding my bike in town.  


Day Eighteen

My favorite springtime flowers are blooming.  Wonder if anyone would miss a few of these lilacs.  


Day Nineteen

Pedaled over to the house that's waiting to be torn.  A car dealership is going to be built in its place.  This picture will help me remember the cool old farmhouse with the awesome porch.  Hope the former residents are living somewhere nice and aren't sad.  


Day Twenty

Didn't feel like riding my bike today.  Decided to skip it and watch reruns of Friends.  But then the episode where Phobe finally gets the bicycle of her dreams came on.