My Bike Trail Friend

With the Raccoon River Valley Trail less than a mile from my door it’s where I frequently ride.  

My preferred route is Waukee to Dallas Center.  I like how it’s away from the busy highway and has portions flanked by trees.  It nicely accommodates an hour of pedaling at my slow poke pace.  This route is also a favorite because it’s where I see my bike trail friend.

This unknown friend is my biking role model.  He is an older gentleman who rides a LOT.  He rides in the cold and the wind.  Sometimes with a friend, most of the time solo.  He rides without fancy gear, or concerns for speed, but always with a smile.  My friend is a great example of someone spreading the love of biking.

Our friendship is unique in that we don’t know each other.  We’ve never been introduced or had a conversation.  Our interactions last only seconds but are always a highlight.  Greetings are enthusiastic .  He usually points and says “Hello there!” while I wave like a nut and holler “Nice to see you!” 

Seeing my friend has been known to cheer me up or provide a sense of comradery.  He also motivates me.  Especially when I spot him returning from a ride on days I’ve chosen to abstain.

Maybe this year I will finally come across him having stopped along the trail.  If and when I do I’ll be sure to hit the brakes, introduce myself, and thank him for being an inspiration.   Until then, I will keep pedaling while hoping I’ll see my bike trail friend I have but don’t know.

Happy Riding!