Omaha Bicycle Co.

On a recent trip to Omaha I visited Omaha Bicycle Co.  What motivated me to seek out the shop? 

  • The shop is owned and operated by a woman.  A rare find!
  • They were recently awarded best coffee shop in Nebraska by Spoon University.  Yep!  This isn't just a place to purchase a bike, have it repaired, or grab a spare tube.  Sarah Johnson's team can also craft a perfect pour-over or espresso beverage.  
  • With coffee outside gear in their inventory, I was specifically after a camp cup to add to my personal kit.
  • Rivendell bicycles will soon be available to admire in person, and of course purchase.  Currently no other shop in Iowa's or surrounding states carries these beautiful bicycles.  If you're not familiar with Grant Petersen or Rivendell Bicycle Works take some time to explore their website.

The store is everything I've read about.  The cozy color palette and comfy spots to hang out gave it a homey feel.  My iced latte was as delicious as expected and a coffee cup was bought as a souvenir.


From the looks of the eclectic group of coffee mugs on display, the Mug Club looks like a fun bunch of folks! 


A woman's touch is easy to find here too with cute shop onsies for babies and invitations to potlucks and group rides for women. 

With Benson Days taking place, it was a busy morning at the shop.  Sarah was nice enough to chat with me for a few minutes.  It was easy to understand why the local community is so supportive of her!  

Check out the links below for great write-ups on Sarah and Omaha Bicycle Co. 

Happy Riding! 

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The coffee. The bikes. The people.