30 Days of Biking - Year Three's In The Books

What? April's over already?  I was fortunate to be able to successfully complete 30 Days of Biking.  Here's where I went:

Day 21 - The clouds!  Oh so pretty.  Even prettier when admired from the bike trail to Dallas Center. 

Day 22 - This ride was special because I had the pleasure of joining my brother on his inaugural ride over the High Trestle Bridge.

Day 23 -  A stop at The Secret Spot on another ride around Waukee. 

Day 24 - Crummy weather means short rides and hunting for a creative photo spot. 

Day 25 - Discovered Edith Anne's lawn chairs are out for the season at the Urbandale Public Library.  

Day 26 - A flash of photographic inspiration hit me on a ride around town. 

Day 27 - An old-school barber shop is one of the remaining elements of Waukee's former classification as small Iowa town.  

Day 28 - Rode over to Dallas Center and circled through town where controversy continues over the potential library relocation.   

Day 29 -  Stopped on a quiet nearby street just long enough to enjoy the scent of lilacs.

Day 30 -  Rain decided to stick around for the last day of the challenge, so another short ride around town it was.

This year's challenge seemed to be filled with shorter rides.  Maybe that's why the month went by so fast.  Or maybe it was because getting out by bike each day can be easier than anticipated.  Mark your calendars for April 1, 2017 and join me.  We'll have a blast.

Happy Riding!