30 Days of Biking - Week Two

This month is speeding right along.  I've gotten into the rhythm of daily riding and was able to insert a couple of creative rides. 

Week In Review

Day 11 - I've got a secret shortcut to the grocery store.  It helps me avoid a stretch of sidewalk and a busy parking lot.  I feel so stealth!

Day 12 - The hashtags #baaw (bike against a wall) and #baab (bike against a bridge) are pretty popular.  In a ride around town I started a new trend, #baage (bike against a grain elevator).  It should be going viral any day now.

Day 13 - One of the best rides I've had in a while...and the shortest!  Read about it here. 

Day 14 - This was an early ride home after dropping the car off for an oil change. Ah the irony!

Day 15 - An uneventful ride around town.  At least the clouds were interesting.

Day 16 - I knew it was going to be a good day when my son wanted to ride for donuts.

Day 17 -  Shared a bench with someone famous on a bike break in Ankeny.

Day 18 - Sure, Iowa is landlocked but if you look hard you can find sea life.  

Day 19 - A gray day called for a pop of color, so it was off to the garden center.

Day 20 - Puddles everywhere and fenders nowhere. One of these day's I'll get my act together.

Happy Riding!