Bike Gear That's Not Bike Gear 1.0

L.L. Bean's Ultralight Wind Jacket

It's that time of year when the weather is moody.  One day it will be in the 70's only to be followed by a drop into the 20's.  One day the sun sun shines bright the next day the skies are cloudy and gray.   And then there's the wind!  Thankfully I found a cheerful piece of gear that works well keeping the unpredictable weather off my back. 

While the Ultralight Wind Jacket is not technically bike gear it has quickly become a go-to piece of attire.  Because it's so light I can comfortably wear it over other layers and not end up singing "fat guy in a little coat".  

 I like how the jacket provides a bright pop of color out on the trail or in the woods. It packs down into a small pouch making it easy to stow in either a bike bag or pocket.  It's versatility and price point make it a no brainer addition to my collection of bike gear that's not bike gear.

Happy Riding!