Trailside Attractions - John James Audubon Birdwalk

Less than a mile from the T-Bone Trail you'll find the John James Audubon Birdwalk.  It's a  collection of art honoring the artist, ornithologist and naturalist the Iowa town is named after. 


Ceramic tile mosaics are incorporated into sidewalks within the town square and replicate prints from "Birds of America" .  I was happy to find the state bird along with a couple of family favorites. 

In the center of the plaza is a bronze sculpture depicting Audubon painting while his dog Zephyr rests at his side.  Close by is the town's public library.  A Carnegie library, the building is a work of art itself and houses books and prints by Audubon. The library wasn't open during my visit but I enjoyed looking at their pretty flower beds.

At the corner of Washington and Broadway I found the towering stained glass clock depicting Audubon and his dog.  21 feet tall, the clock is hard to miss!

If you enjoy birding, art, or American history, head into Audubon before or after your ride to visit this Iowa attraction. 

Happy Riding!