Trailside Attractions - Enabling Gardens

Tucked away in the heart of Altoona there's a breath taking spot to enjoy right off the Vern Wiley II trail. Located at 1050 1st Ave. S the Enabling Gardens   is a fabulous barrier-free garden accessible to people of all abilities. The park is free to visit year-round.


Plan on spending a good amount of time here. There are so many surprises to find among the beautiful beds. 30 bird houses can be found along with garden art and John Bromell's metal sculptures. My favorites were the gnome garden and the 12 foot praying mantis.

A picnic area and garden swing are perfect spots to take a break off the bike. There's also a water fountain for refilling your bottle.   

Plan to make a stop at this pretty venue the next time you ride through Altoona.  You might even find some inspiration for your garden at home.

Happy Riding!