30 Days of Biking - Week Four

As the month of April wraps up, so does 30 Days of Biking.  Having ridden my bike every day I feel like the kid who just got off the ride at the amusement park.  "Can we go again?? Please!?!"   I consider that a success.    

Week In Review

Day 22 - The picture was ironically taken before my failed attempt to transport a couple of ice cream treats on the Iron Giant.  By the time I arrived at home my bike, bike bag, and clothes all needed washing.  

Day 23 - After several days of short rides it felt good to get back out on the trail for a ride to Dallas Center.  

Day 24 -  This was an uneventful ride around town.  While real tulips are in bloom I chose a photo op with some that will never fade.

Day 25 -  A ride to the local convenience store with my son resulted in my favorite candy bar finding it's way into my bike bag.  

Day 26 - Ankeny is a great town for a leisurely bike ride.  This ride took me past one of their many fishing ponds. 

Day 27 - The blooming Crabapples made for a beautiful ride abound at Water Works Park.  Read more about that ride here. 

Day 28 - This bike ride is my errand route around town.  Most days my bike is the only one in the bike rack at the library or grocery store.

Day 29 - A trip to Ames included a bike ride on their path network and some fun photo ops.

Day 30 - 30 days ended with a 30 mile ride out on the Chichaqua Valley Trail.  Stay tuned for an upcoming review.

Happy Riding!