30 Days of Biking - Week Three

Along with my daily rides I have been enjoying keeping tabs on the Instagram #30daysofbiking feed to see where other pledge participants have been cycling.  There are so many creative pictures out there!  One of my favorites has been @jeffwallace who has been including a gorilla in each of his pictures.  Street art/graffiti has been a photographic element for @pawelworx and @bikemynation has been uploading a daily video.   Such great stuff!

My Week in Review

Day Fifteen - A new bakery had recently opened in town and was a perfect destination.  My panniers did a great job carrying cupcakes and cookies home to share. 

Day Sixteen - This was one weird ride.  Read about it here

Day Seventeen - After biking to the local Panera I enjoyed a late breakfast while sitting among folks in business suites taking important calls and typing away on their laptops.  I don't miss those days!

Day Eighteen - There was a lot of deep breathing on this ride as I rode past flowering Crabapples.  Ah, the sweet smells of Spring!

Day Nineteen - On day 17 I had found a toy Donald Duck along the bike trail. Having found a new home in my handlebar bag, he got a tad damp on a rainy ride around town. 

Day Twenty - The wind pushed me around town on another blustery Iowa day. 

Day Twentyone - More wind and a busy day at home left me with time for a tiny sized ride over to Waukee's smallest park. 

Happy Riding!