A Taste of Gravel

If you follow trends in Iowa cycling you've likely heard how popular riding gravel roads has become.  There are races, clubs, websites, and even specific types of bicycles all "geared" around riding Iowa's rural roads.  

If you are curious about what riding gravel is like and are in close proximity to the Waukee area, this short jaunt off the Raccoon River Valley Trail might fit the bill.  

This is a wide and well maintained piece of road that is just under 1.5 miles in length.  There are no dogs living nearby so you won't have to contend with being chased.    The gravel runs flat which helps with visibility for approaching vehicles.   Also, it's low commitment.  If you dislike it just jump back on the bike trail.  If nothing else, you'll gain an appreciation for smooth concrete!

Happy Riding!

Ride Map