Snap Happy

What is it about a bicycle that results in it being posed for countless photo ops?  Why do cyclists pause from their ride to snap a picture of the bike?  What makes a bicycle interesting subject matter?  

All around Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram there is evidence of impromptu photo shoots.  Pictures typically incorporate walls, fences, sunrises, sunsets, weather conditions, graffiti, or notable landmarks.  Why all the pictures?

Is including the bike in the shot how we show love for our two wheeled companion?  Is the picture a way to remember the sense of fulfillment or accomplishment found on the ride?  Perhaps it's a way to tease others about what they are missing out on.  Or is it simply a visual way to document the ride?

The motivating factor behind the pictures is undoubtedly complex.  The answer to the question is likely similar to why we choose to ride a bike.  It's just what we do.

Happy Riding!