Bike Ride Fun: Geocaching

Make your next bike ride a treasure hut by incorporating geocaching!

This family friendly activity can result in learning something new about a local environment and point out previously unseen aspects of a community or bike trail.  It can also provide a sense of accomplishment and build self-esteem. 

Using a bike to travel from each cache location can often be more efficient than walking or driving.  Gear can easily be stowed inside a bicycle bag.  

Chances are your local neighborhood has hidden caches just waiting to be discovered.  Take a easy bike ride around town and see what you can locate.  Or, incorporate geocaching into your next trail ride.  Iowa bike trails are littered with caches with many found only feet from the trail and even at trailheads. 

Websites like are great resources for planning your hunt.  With smartphone apps available to download, a handheld GPS is not always necessary.  

Combine two great outdoor activities into one outing and see what adventures are out there!