Raccoon River Valley Bicycle

While riding the Raccoon River Valley TraiI I chose to stop in Perry to check out their LBS. Established in 2012 Raccoon River Valley Bicycle is found next door to Hotel Pattee.  It is a full service bike shop carrying Trek bikes.  Located just off the bike trail, this shop is a great resource for cyclists who may have left home without a repair kit, tube, or other cycling accessories.

This shop is a beauty! Rich woodwork throughout the store and a glass alcove providing a fantastic spot for displaying bikes made this store unique.  The cash register area had display of RAGBRAI badges and other memorabilia.

The store coordinates group rides during the cycling season and offer text message updates to keep cyclists informed of bike events.  Rental options are available for visitors who don’t own a bike but are looking try out the bike trail.

Next time you’re riding through Perry take a break and visit Raccoon River Valley Bicycle.  It’s only pretty bike shop!

Happy Riding!